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CHEM-290Imm Exp Andros Isld Bahamas January Scots Term This is an immersive field studies course designed to be offered during a short-term (2 weeks) in January. The course content includes the study of natural sciences, creative arts, history, and culture related to the Bahamian environment. The course includes pre-term meetings (2), on campus instructions/preparation (1 week), 1-week travel to Andros Island, Bahamas (Sat to Sat), and a written journal documenting travel activities and reflections. It is preferable for students to have basic swimming skills, although not a requirement; on-island activities are both land and sea based. The time spent on Andros Island will be at Forfar Field Station, which is a rustic, former dive resort nestled in a beachfront coconut grove on the east coast of Andros Island. Andros Island is 115 miles long and is the largest in the Bahama archipelago; at the same time, it is one of the least developed islands, there are no cities, towns are few, and there is a distinctive small-town atmosphere. The facility provides cabin-style lodging along the beach, a dining hall, a classroom and research lab, and an open living area. On-island travel is provided in IFS vans; the field station also has a full-service dive shop.01-------TBDTBD.250080
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